Vladimir Putin's mural in Crimea
Central/Eastern Europe

Russian tourists at the borders of 5 states should answer the question “Whose Crimea”

Suppose all European Union countries cannot be persuaded not to issue tourist visas to Russians. In that case, the five Eastern European countries bordering Russia could form a regional bloc that would collectively agree not […]

Central/Eastern Europe

The rails of war: An EU railway initiative for the defence of Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities recently launched a call for proposals to improve the country’s defence capabilities. Here is one that we believe could help strengthen Ukraine’s immediate and longer-term defence. And, beyond that, it could help […]

Central/Eastern Europe

How the Ukrainian SOF fought Russians in Izyum

A few days ago I received a message on the Signal messenger from my old friend. His name is Olexander. He served in an elite special forces unit from 2014-to 2017 in the Donbas. When […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Anatolii Shara on military strategies of Ukraine and Russia in their full-fledged war

The military strategies of Ukraine and Russia in their full-fledged war. From what points did the counterparts start, and how did the strategy change during the war. I spent two weeks in Donbas, a full-scale […]