Andrius Kubilius
Central/Eastern Europe

Letter from the Kremlin on Kubilius’ desk: threats of lawsuits and millions in fines

A letter from the Kremlin on the desk of MEP Andrius Kubilius. One of the regime’s representatives, outraged and insulted by the politician’s words related to the infamous Russian PMC Wagner wants to send Kubilius, […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Why did Mariupol happen?

I am absolutely convinced that many thoughtful readers have asked themselves why it happened that Mariupol has been under siege since the beginning of this war. And why can’t the Ukrainian military do anything to […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Give a humanitarian corridor for the wounded in Mariupol!

Medics at a field hospital located in the underground premises of the Azovstal steel plant in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol in Donbas are appealing to all international human rights organisations for a humanitarian […]

Vladimir Putin during his visit to Kaliningrad
Central/Eastern Europe

Don’t irritate Russia or speak up? They disagree on the Kaliningrad blockade issue

In response to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, the West and Lithuania continue to look for possible measures to influence the Kremlin regime. The Kaliningrad blockade is among the options under consideration, Indrė Naureckaitė writes […]

Gerhard Schroder
European Union

Germans are the EU’s political Achilles’ heel: this has been clear ever since Schröder and Merkel used to fly to Moscow

Russia is so far confidently ahead of Ukraine. Fortunately, not on the battlefield. But, as the EU’s foreign policy chief, Mr Borell, has pointed out, since the start of the war, the Community has provided […]