Можно ли привыкнуть к сиренам? Как украинцы научились жить в условиях воздушной тревоги

– Мама, над нашим домом вечером что-то очень просвистело. Наверное, ракета. – Боже! Говорят, что это страшный звук. – Но я не стала слушать страшные звуки, я пошла себе в ванную, она просвистела и полетела […]


A view from Iceland: the fight to defend and preserve freedom

“Lithuania celebrates independence and freedom on 11 March – State Restoration Day. As Ukraine now fights for the values of democracy and freedom, it is a fitting date to publish this article about my experience […]


Prof Landsbergis: humanity is “becoming more devilish” and Europe of nations is “turning into a Eurasia of man-eaters”

Professor Vytautas Landsbergis, the Chairman of the Speaker of the Reconstituted Seimas, said at the commemoration of February 16th that humanity is “becoming more and more devilish” and that the Europe of nations is “turning […]


Let’s take off the rose-tinted glasses before the Vilnius NATO summit: we are vulnerable

Lithuania will host the NATO summit this summer, but many issues remain unresolved, with six months to go until mid-Summer. Vilnius will be hot, not only because of the summer and July weather but also […]

Central/Eastern Europe

What does the West want?

The fundamental question of the future course of this war is, paradoxically, not about Ukraine but rather about Russia. It is about the West’s attitude towards post-war Russia. Because Western fears, linked to the future […]