Central/Eastern Europe

Smart Russian officers will decide the fate of Russia?

The 2022 year came to an end. A year that will be marked in the history of the world with the title of “Year of War”. During this year, both here in Lithuania and in […]

Nemtsov picture at a missive protest in the streets of Moscow
Central/Eastern Europe

Russian imperialists in the sheepskin: are the oppositionists who they say they are?

In the wake of the stormy debate on the closure of the Russian opposition channel TV Rain (TV Dozhd) in Latvia, it has been questioned whether we really know who the Russian opposition is, what […]

Central/Eastern Europe

How to launch a European Lend-Lease

Considering the total nature and prospects of hostilities in Ukraine, military aid for us should not be situational but permanent. Since the full-scale Russian aggression began, Ukraine has been working to launch arms lend-lease with […]


Пережила взрыв в мариупольском Драмтеатре. Олеся строит новую жизнь

Эта история о мариупольчанке Олесе Устиновой.  В блокадном Мариуполе она пробыла до середины марта. С двумя детьми — 5-летним Никитой и 18-летней Юлианой. Вспоминает, 24-го февраля на рассвете вместе с дочкой поехали на работу. «Тогда […]

Vladimiras Putinas
Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. What is Putin’s opinion on Russia’s external intelligence?

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced incredibly quickly, three days later, that the organiser of the 8 October explosion over the Kerch Strait Bridge was the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence’s Main […]