Citus presents: the project at Kareivių St. 5 in the capital takes shape – design proposals are made public

The real estate project management company Citus has submitted publicity procedures at Vilnius city municipality design proposals for the first two phases of a planned multifunctional real estate project. The investment in the project in […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Dario Martinelli: arts and culture as a weapon of war

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine requires effort on all fronts: humanitarian aid, financial help, military equipment, and other means of support are as necessary as ever. Yet, while some help can be more direct, […]

Kremlin, Moscow
Central/Eastern Europe

Putin’s prophetic words on the restoration of the empire: the reaction in the West is astonishing

“I can still hear the harsh words of warning from Lithuanian colleagues about Russia – you were all right, Lithuania was right. I remember the debates in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly – back then, many […]


Lietuvos sporto ateitis

Štai sportų situacija Lietuvoje: E. sportas Paprastai tariant, e. sportas – tai vaizdo žaidimai, žaidžiami itin organizuotoje konkurencinėje aplinkoje. Šie žaidimai gali būti įvairūs – nuo populiarių komandinių daugelio žaidėjų internetinių kovų arenų (MOBA), vieno […]

Andrius Kubilius
Central/Eastern Europe

Letter from the Kremlin on Kubilius’ desk: threats of lawsuits and millions in fines

A letter from the Kremlin on the desk of MEP Andrius Kubilius. One of the regime’s representatives, outraged and insulted by the politician’s words related to the infamous Russian PMC Wagner wants to send Kubilius, […]