Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. On the Ukrainian path that Lithuania could have followed, surprises in the Kremlin and Putin’s covert operation

Naturally, in addition to the exciting information from Ukraine, the media are also starting to report on domestic issues – political, party, economic, and cultural, not to mention the lives of more or less famous […]

Central/Eastern Europe

MEP Andrius Kubilius. Europe’s geopolitical crisis: causes, lessons, consequences

Russia’s war against Ukraine is a major geopolitical crisis for the entire European continent. It is the first such geopolitical crisis since the Second World War and since the creation of what we now call […]


Experts: love for Russian propaganda does not depend on nationality

The war in Ukraine has intensified the issue of national minorities. Experts say that the public is reassured that it is not them but the representatives of national minorities who have more faith in Russian […]


Last year, more Lithuanians returned than left – the latest statistics show

For the second year in a row, the number of Lithuanian citizens returning to their homeland was higher than the number of those who left. According to the data from the Department of Statistics, in […]