Survey: 78% of companies in Lithuania care about reducing environmental impact

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More and more companies in Lithuania are concerned about the environmental impact of their operations. According to a survey conducted this spring by Norstat, a research company commissioned by the renewable energy company Green Genius, 78% of companies in the country are concerned about reducing their environmental impact – five percentage points more than a year ago. Despite significant business concern for the environment, only 9% say they use electricity from renewable energy sources.

The survey shows that the number of Lithuanian companies measuring the environmental impact of their activities has almost doubled from just 7% in 2021 to 13% this year. However, it is not known what methodologies companies use to measure their impact and whether they are sufficient to assess their impact. In addition, the vast majority (96%) of companies in the country do not have sustainability targets in place to reduce their footprint.

„While corporate attention to sustainability is growing, Lithuanian businesses still lack the skills and knowledge to measure it. It is clear that accurate impact measurement requires expertise. However, it is possible to reduce one’s footprint without much effort significantly,“ says Ruslanas Sklepovič, CEO of Green Genius.

Low impact of initiatives

According to a representative survey, one in five companies (21%) are implementing various sustainability initiatives. „Sustainability initiatives are becoming fashionable nowadays, with more and more companies starting to realise that they are part of the social environment and therefore have to contribute to the well-being of society. However, one must admit that, so far, these are more public relations activities and have very little impact on the climate,“ says Mr Sklepovič.

Three-quarters of companies are sorting waste, just over half are choosing work equipment made from recycled materials, and one in five are seeking international sustainability certification. Other sustainable practices in Lithuanian companies include using less polluting means of transport, buying environmentally-friendly products made from recycled raw materials, and reducing excess consumption within the company.

Sustainability is still working its way into operational targets

„Energy and mobility are responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse gases. Green energy is one of the most effective ways of reducing environmental impact, and with rising raw material and energy prices and the increasing importance of energy independence, there are more reasons to choose it,“ says Mr Sklepovič.

Large multinational companies tend to have mitigation as one of their business objectives. In Lithuania, this is still very rare.

„The need for businesses to investigate their true environmental impact will undoubtedly grow, and the number of companies providing such studies and calculations will only increase, but two steps would be enough to make a difference today: buying electricity directly from solar or wind farms in Lithuania, and using electric cars charged with green electricity. This would be the most significant of the changes that are relatively easy for any company to make to halt climate change,“ says R. Sklepovič.

Only 6% of the companies surveyed say they have electric cars. „Car manufacturers are using less and less CO2 in their production, and some zero-emission models are already available to customers. So businesses have to choose electric cars to use,“ says Sklepovič.

About the surveys: surveys of Lithuanian companies were carried out in March 2021 and March 2022. Respondents were interviewed according to the size of the company, location of the business, and a representative sample of 500 respondents, ranging from very small (up to 4 employees) to large (101 employees or more) companies throughout Lithuania.

About Green Genius

Green Genius is a renewable energy company implementing solar, biogas, wind, and green hydrogen energy projects. The company currently operates in 8 European countries and plans to have completed 1.5 GW of renewable energy projects by 2025. The company has more than a decade of experience in the renewable energy market. Green Genius’s projects generate approximately 399 GWh of green energy annually, avoiding more than 335,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This amount of CO2 would be absorbed by over 16 million trees per year. Green Genius is part of the Modus Group, an international group of companies operating in 11 European countries.

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