The Battle of Paris. Revenge or European domination

Stade de France host of the Champions League final. staticflickr

The Champions League final has been decided. Liverpool will face the king of Europe, Real Madrid, who reached the match with an epic performance. While the English team has been very consistent and perhaps can sign a historic season.

This match represents a rematch of 2018 final, when Real Madrid won the title after a disastrous performance by Lloris Karius. In that match, Mohamed Salah, who was in spectacular form, came off in the first half after a very strong tackle by Sergio Ramos.

This time, the protagonists arrive in different situations, but that is not a reason to enter and place a bet on the favourite team. Here you will find the best sites with the best odds.


Jürgen Klopp’s team is having a spectacular season, the quadruple looks complicated, but the Champions League is not a bad way to end the year. The Reds are perhaps one of the best teams in the world at the moment; their way of playing is forward, aggressive, and attacking.

Klopp has players like Salah and Mane who have formed an impressive partnership, and Luis Diaz came in and immediately clicked with them.

In midfield there is Thiago Alcantara who pulls the strings of the team; he is a player who understands the movements of his teammates perfectly. When he’s in good form, which is almost all this season, it’s impossible to take the ball away from him.

In defence they have the best centre-back in the world, Virgil Van Dijk, he is a wall, and in attack he is a lethal weapon with his header. Trent Alexander Arnold doesn’t send crosses; he sends darts; his touch is spectacular, and in defence he is impassable.

Allison has recovered his level and has become one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he is determinant for the current pace of the team, and if Liverpool is fighting for the Champions League it is partly because of him.

There is no player in this team that Klopp has assembled to perfection; his system also emphasises hurting the opposition at every opportunity. But being constantly attacking means that defensively they are sometimes vulnerable, and that could be the key.

Real Madrid

Los Blancos are in the final after three spectacular epics. But their game is not spectacular. They suffer a lot and at times they are widely outplayed. But when you think they are dead, they get up and beat you. They are to some extent illogical.

Benzema is the backbone of the team; he scores goals gives assists, and gives directions, well. I think it’s wise to say that he is currently the best player in the world. Without him, Madrid might have stayed in the quarter-finals.

Ancelotti is a genius, but he has been extremely lucky. Tuchel, Guardiola and Pochettino outplayed him tactically in the play-offs, but he’s beaten them all. But he knows something, at key moments he has made changes that people don’t understand and even seem to be desperate for, but they work for him.  

Modric looks like he is 25 years old. At 36, he runs like no other and sacrifices like few others. Casemiro, in the middle, plays at the edge of the rules, but he’s a vacuum cleaner. Vinicius Jr. when he has space there is no defence against him, well in the white box, even on the bench there are decisive players like Rodrygo who has scored goals that have Madrid in the final today.

Who will win it

Football, and Madrid, have shown us that football is unpredictable, so making a prediction is complicated. But if logic says anything, it’s that maybe Liverpool will exact revenge after the 2018 final, when Karius practically handed them the trophy.

The reasons are simple. Liverpool is much tidier and much more powerful. Madrid usually comes from behind in the second game, but the final is one game, and that’s where they might not be able to pull off another epic.

Ancelotti’s side will have to appeal to history to pull off another miracle, and Liverpool just has to play the way they have been playing all year.

Paris will host a match not to be missed.  

Who will win?

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