Anonymous Aktualijos: Propaganda, useful idiots, the war in Ukraine and the west

Russian army in Ukraine. Photos by Ukrainian soldiers. Courtesy of Anatolii Shara

Our editorial team is constantly receiving anonymous emails of various sorts.  However, the emails called ‘Aktualijos’ have attracted our attention and we thought that they will be interesting to our readers.  Please, read them with a pinch of salt, but, in our opinion, some ideas in those texts reflect what our policymakers think, but cannot really say to the public.  Let’s call the Anonymous Aktualijos:

Russia seeks to unite the darkness of the world as a social basis for the spread of Russian fascism and the expansion of its empire. In the Vilnius district, LNK TV interviewed many local residents who welcomed the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. One asked the journalist if NATO could bomb Yugoslavia (stopping genocide), why can’t Russia do this in Ukraine? But unfortunately, the stoppers of genocide have been given the same label as the perpetrators of genocide.

Even though the Russian invasion has been going on for more than two months, Russian propaganda continues to operate in Lithuania, promoting genocide through its activities.

In south-eastern Lithuania, anti-state activities are 80% shaped by Russian propaganda and the local school network. In the “Polish” language schools in the Šalčininkai district, the Russian language state exam is the most popular, with a much higher average score than the Lithuanian language. It is a terrible confusion – the Lithuanian budget finances the Kremlin’s education process. The Russian language schools in Lithuania are forges for the preparation of Russo-fascism and the Koloborats element. All this also with the money of the Lithuanian budget, which is needed for defence much more after such “education”. The Latvians have successfully reformatted the other-language schools according to the standard of the EU countries, i.e. they have closed them down.

It is important to enter into an open, mutually understanding dialogue with Poland on fundamental changes in education for the national security of both countries. A safe Lithuania means a safe Poland. Together, we must find a solution to free Lithuanian schools from the jaws of the Kremlin. It is too dangerous to continue with the current situation, where the schools of the national communities are forming aggressive darkness, a stooge for the Russo-Fascist empire.

NATO is strengthening Lithuania’s defences, ideally by establishing one US military base in each Baltic country, with 50,000 troops and state-of-the-art weapons and air defences. This would add more than 120,000 troops to each Baltic army and reserve. A minimum of 200,000 US troops would be deployed in Poland, of which 50,000 would be dedicated solely to the defence of the Suwałki Corridor from the Polish side. Russia would not be able to do anything without a force of 2 million, which in reality has about 280 000 conscripts and about 1.5 million reserves. Why keep NATO’s large forces in Spain, and Belgium, because we know Russia’s plans. If Russia were to attack NATO, it would be the Baltic States, so we prepare another nuclear strike on the Baltic front line.

Recently, Alexander Dugin, who is considered to be one of the architects of Putin’s ideology, gave an interview to the Western media, calling for Russia to become one of the world’s centres of power through annexations and disinformation (lies). This plan is only the initial phase in the constellation of the desires of Russian society. Dugin argues that Putin’s current actions are pleasing to the Russian public but that they are too slow, i.e. what Bunkerman is doing is good, but only too slow. It is worth remembering that experts have previously described Putin as a moderate person in the context of Russian society. Do you really want to depoliticise Russia? Do you not think that Russia must not only become depoliticised but that its society must become de-Fascist?

Lies and bribes are the backbones of Russia’s functioning. Nothing new. It has done so in the past and will do so in the future. The transformation of the West is only possible through the elimination of political corruption. The EU must investigate the Kremlin’s and also Beijing’s corrupt activities in Europe, which are an existential danger.

At the United Nations, 140 countries have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and based on these countries, a global 100% boycott of Russia must be formed, including a visa ban. If developing countries are reluctant to join the sanctions, they should be added to them themselves. Has the Kremlin already counter-attacked with a strategy of bribes?

There are three types of politicians in the West; the normal, the Kremlin corrupt and those who believe the Kremlin lies. Russia hoped that the West would not impose resource sanctions because the Kremlin massively buys its politicians. The ordinary citizens who demanded the resource embargo looked miserable. The politicians were eagerly spinning and explaining that they were not going to do it right away, avoiding the real reasons: massive political corruption and sitting in the Kremlin’s pocket.

How is Russia, which is incapable of making nails and producing fighter jets and strategic missiles, to threaten nuclear weapons? Is it buying the equipment to make nuclear-powered submarines and other important items for the military industry and the army in the West? After all, these ships are crucial to the Kremlin’s nuclear strategy. The data show that Western countries are essential to Russia’s military industry. This has continued even after 2014, often through intermediaries. Russia’s military industry is defunct without Western technology, machine tools, etc. Russia will pay reparations to Ukraine with Germany and France, which prepared Russia for war. Scholz must resign today for sabotage during the first months of the war and may well be put on the tribunal with Putin, and Schröder, Merkel.

The West needs to disengage from Russia and China by shortening supply chains and moving its factories away from these countries to Ukraine. Let them stop fattening up the aggressors and start supporting the defenders of us all.

The West has contributed more than USD 1.5 trillion to the Afghanistan mission. There is a willingness to contribute USD 110 billion a year or USD 10 billion a month to Ukraine. This is a key priority investment where the chance of success is more than 95%. A Ukrainian victory will mean the survival of the West, while a defeat will mean the death of the West. Successful acceptance of this aid requires helping Ukraine to develop the capacity to avoid corruption and sabotage by the Russian special services. The funds would be invested at their maximum potential for return.

Russia subconsciously believes that it already de facto rules the world (only de jure remains) because it has nuclear weapons. Therefore, according to the Russian mentality, the one who is in control and is right is the one who has great power and, above all, is prepared to use it.

Of course, the Western countries have these weapons too, even more, modern ones, but some people in the Kremlin are convinced that they will not dare use them. If Russia had to digest the news that the West is also prepared to use nuclear weapons, and even about Ukraine, then there would be panic in the Kremlin. The tough guy is only tough against the cowards and is both crushing and reassuring, with the adversary’s firm fist by his side, ready to strike decisively without hesitation. Intelligence knows Putin’s exact whereabouts and how they change 24/7. US nuclear weapons capability easily overwhelms even Putin’s best bunker.

In 2014, Russia planned to occupy about 70% of Ukrainian territory, including Kyiv, leaving the rest for a later invasion stage. Only about 7% have been captured. The 2022 invasion goal is to take all the rest of Ukraine. If at least 3% of the heavy weapons of the NATO countries were made available to Ukraine in time, it would return to the borders on the 23rd of February. If 6% were provided, it would withdraw the whole of Donetsk and Lugansk. If Ukraine receives more than 10%, then Crimea would revert to Ukraine.

Russia’s plan B is to eat Ukraine piecemeal, with more than 10% of the territory captured after this invasion, 6-7 invasions and Ukraine destroyed, or maybe one or two major invasions in the future. Our minimum goal is to prevent this from happening by giving Kyiv the weapons to take back all its lands, the final goal being the disappearance of fascist Russia forever. To avoid a new Russian war, it must be finished off this time by arming Ukraine with heavy weapons + total sanctions.

For the Kremlin, destroying Ukraine by incorporating its almost 1 million strong armies is the first phase of restoring the Russian Empire within the limits of the late 18th century and the Warsaw Pact to replay the Cold War, only this time, the winner will not be the West. According to her plan, Poland and Finland should be annexed. Therefore, the Prague Pact with Russian tanks on the German border ready to storm Berlin and Paris would be more likely. Then the area from Lisbon to Vladivostok would be ruled by Moscow, again a bipolar world, but a Moscow versus Beijing world in which the Kremlin and Beijing would be in stubborn competition for world leadership. Russia’s space programme is a new strategic move to subjugate the earth and make it a cesspit of corruption, abject disorder, poverty, and tyranny.

According to Kyiv, Ukrainian Orthodox churches belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate were hiding weapons and logistics ready for Russian troops. They were waiting for the invaders. Orthodox priests working for the Russian special services and the army informed the Kremlin about Ukrainian targets for destruction. The Ukrainian investigation claims that the Orthodox churches have become a network of Russian special services engaged in subversive pro-Kremlin intelligence and military activities. As a consequence, Ukraine confiscated all the assets of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Three Orthodox priests in Lithuania claim they no longer have their duties because of their sincere support for Ukraine. However, it is important to remember that Orthodox churches in Lithuania were built en masse. During the Russian occupation and the fierce drive to nationalise Lithuania, a network of Orthodox churches was formed throughout Lithuania in the 19th century. One of the aims of this network was to nationalise Lithuanians.

What if the Lithuanian state were to launch an investigation into the following issues:

What is the network formed by the Russian Empire doing in our country today? Does this annexe continue to serve Moscow’s imperialism? What are its links with the Russian special services and the Russian army? To what extent do the Russian special services directly influence and use the network of Orthodox churches spread throughout Lithuania for intelligence and possible subversive activities?

How much basis is there for the claim that the actions against patriotic Lithuanian priests create the assumption that the Orthodox Church in Lithuania is an annexe used by the Russian special services as a cover for a threat to Lithuania’s national security?

Why, after the invasion of Ukraine, did the Lithuanian Orthodox Church, following the example of the Netherlands, not end its affiliation to the Moscow Patriarchate so that it could join the Patriarchates of Kyiv, Constantinople or re-establish its own separate Patriarchate of Vilnius, which had already existed in Lithuania in the time of Algirdas in the 14th century? Would you agree that if the investigation establishes that the Moscow Patriarchate is linked to Putin’s regime, then Lithuania would transfer the property to another Patriarchate, following the example of Ukraine, so that the entire activity of the Church becomes the salvation of souls?  *

Annex: Testimony of a teacher who worked in a Russian-speaking school

I worked for many years in a Russian-speaking school. Since 2014, when Russia attacked Ukraine and Putin started killing Ukrainians, I have also had Ukrainian students. And what have they had to experience? Bullying, humiliation. They had to listen to ‘what a good President Putin is, and Lithuania should have one’. That’s what the pupils said, that’s what the teachers said. On the 9th of May, everybody used to go to the cemetery in an organised way, and there was a concert at school. However, Lithuanians have not been allowed to attend the concert in recent years, apparently so that we wouldn’t see what we don’t need to see. A couple of years ago, some Russo-fascists, former and current pupils of that school, organised public bullying of me on Facebook because I had denounced the Soviets. But, of course, they later apologised…

Some of them are wearing Ukrainian flags, although if you look at their profiles, you can find images of “Crimea Our’s”. Those hypocrites are also responsible for every Ukrainian who dies. So what did the school administration do? They hugged them, calmed them down, and told them to behave with restraint and not to provoke them. In a word, not to say anything bad in public about the Soviets, Putin and Russia.

Recently, I showed on my Instagram the censored words I found on the blackboard spouting Putin by my current (Lithuanian) students and added a note saying that I will definitely not punish them for these swear words. So who attacked me to educate me? Well, former pupils of a Russian-speaking school, although they say they are definitely not for Putin. Those schools are evil. I have said it, and I will say it. In those schools, even the slightest consciousness is tried to be stifled.

On the other hand, I have wonderful Russian-speaking ex-pupils with whom I talk, have coffee, and go to the theatre. They used to be silent and suffer, and now they are silent because they are afraid of the condemnation of those they know. As of last week, I have four Ukrainian girls in my current educational class. I will not even tell you where their dads are now and what they are doing. I will not tell you what they have seen and experienced. The mothers did not want to send their girls to Russian-speaking schools. I commend them. They did the right thing. And we will do everything we can to make them feel safe.

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