Swedish soldiers

After Sweden and Finland’s NATO decision, the West faces a crossroads

Changes and breakthroughs that were barely imaginable just a few months ago are on the increase. But the direction in which global processes are moving is still shrouded in fog. This is true both of […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Ukraine and the Dutch shopkeeper

NATO’s Ukraine policy – which combines solid political support, substantial military logistical support and strategic restraint – is certainly not perfect. It is surprising, for example, that the Atlantic organisation did not anticipate events by […]

On the military training in the Lithuanian Army

Military expert: We must be ready to fight if necessary

Is Lithuania in real danger? Analysts stress that there is no comparison between our situation and Ukraine – we are members of NATO, with NATO forces at our backs. But military experts and political analysts […]


When migrant crisis would trigger NATO Article 4: possible scenarios

Article 4 of the NATO Treaty. In November, more and more European countries, including Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, are talking about activating it because of the migrant crisis. What is this much-talked-about Article, what are […]

Gitanas Nausėda
Foreign affairs

Nausėda: The big neighbour is actively working and achieves the most where there is a shadow

“The big neighbour is actively working and achieves the most where the darkest shadows lie. Our duty is to always and everywhere bring more light,” President Gitanas Nausėda said at the annual Valdas Adamkus Conference […]