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When you travel across the world, you have extra things to tick off your bucket list if you are a sports fan. For example, if you come to India- you would definitely try to spot an IPL match when in season, or would go to the quarters of Manchester United if you pay a visit to London, or any of your favorite clubs. Similarly, Lithuania also offers rich experiences when it comes to sports. Basketball is particularly developed and well-liked here. You can go into the stadiums, enjoy a match and bet on the players or teams you think are worth your money! However, if you feel uncomfortable in an offline casino, online sports betting is here to help you out. Check out to know about the best online betting sites, their promos and bonuses and then select the one that suits you the most. Now, let us take a quick look at some of the best sports experiences that you can have while in Lithuania.

Watch a basketball match of Zalgiris Kaunas

Zalgiris Kaunas is the best basketball team in the sports franchise of Lithuania. So, you would definitely not want to miss one of their matches. You can select a game that they play either against their local arch-rival Lietuvos rytas from Vilnius or against any other major team from West Europe. The basketball match season in Lithuania runs between autumn and spring. However, the major matches always take place in spring. During the summers, all the teams make good use of the largest Kaunas Arena of Lithuania for playing light-hearted, out-of-league matches.

Visit a basketball museum

You would think only Americans are the craziest about basketball because they have the NBA and a ton of other things? Well, you are about to be proven wrong. If you are planning to visit Lithuania, pay a visit to the unique basketball museum in Joniskis. It was created and curated by a basketball enthusiast. The activities that you can enjoy inside include viewing the last 3 seconds of the finals of the Munich Olympics. You can also try on a shoe that belonged to the great Lithuanian basketball player who became the first European to be drafted by NBA- Arvydas Sabonis.

Look for a game of Ritinis

Well, Lithuania is not all about basketball. There are certain traditional sports that are no less exciting and that which you will never find anywhere else. If you are a true sports fan, you would take an equal interest in these. Ritinis or Ripka is one such true Lithuanian sport that was originally played by medieval shepherds. From May to September, the ritinis league only for amateurs holds a single “tournament weekend” every month. When this happens, all the teams come together at a particular town to play a lot of games. There is no system of tickets. There is not a lot of viewership either. But, if you like sports, you are definitely going to find this truly interesting!

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