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Antano Gedrimo nuotr.

The US Independence Day fireworks have gone off, and France’s National Day is ahead. Another festive anniversary that has made a major change in the path that humanity has taken. It is a meaningful event for not just one nation and its citizens but for the whole World. With the increasing number of independent states, the number of national holidays transgressed national boundaries is small. There are many more national holidays in history, in politics, especially in the case of empire, which remain in the memory of humanity as sorrowful, tragic dates but not as celebrations of freedom and independence.

History has wished to place the most important event of the year 2023, the NATO Summit, in Vilnius at a short distance from 11.07 to 12.07.

Certainly not the first, and most of mankind hopes not the last! However, it could be a historical one, either with a plus sign or repeating the mistake of a similar summit in Bucharest in 2008, April 2-4. The Summit was a milestone for Albania, Macedonia, and Croatia, and due to the decisions of some politicians from big countries, it became tragic for Georgia and Ukraine. A summit that made a tragic mistake by refusing to open its doors to Georgia and Ukraine. Alas, the last word was left to politicians and the states that were led by a “grey” generation that loves to intimidate, recall historical parallels, interpret historical values and even the meaning of the events in their favour, to distort historical values and even the meaning of what is happening.

The peoples of Georgia and Ukraine paid for this mistake, which was indeed worse than crime, not only with the loss of parts of their sovereign and internationally recognized territories but with the rivers of blood of their citizens. That mistake brought Europe to the brink, and possibly already over the brink of another World War. Moreover, the war of civilization, as the low-growth ” grey-minded ” people regularly ventriloquize.

According to informational data, 21 countries have already acknowledged this through their politicians, in this or that format, and even made a statement about the necessity of at least opening the doors. However, the gates should be opened for Ukraine’s accession to NATO. Politicians in these countries understand the responsibility! If this is not done, the “greys”, as they did during the bloody war in Chechnya, as they did during the war of 08.08.2008. in Georgia, as they did in their own and even in the territory of member states of the Alliance, will once again continue to make attempts on the lives of politicians and fighters for freedom. To commit mass murders. There are a lot of such facts; I am sure there is no need to list them or to remind them. We just need to point out harshly the “greyness”. That their time of impunity is over once and for all.

Those who fight “for our and your freedom” should certainly have a place in the united ranks of states that guarantee peace and oppose the war. 21 – FOR, – 10 is worthwhile. One has to think about it! Everyone should understand that, in this case, narrow national interests or, all the more so, historical phobias must recede into the background. Only by standing shoulder to shoulder and allowing those engaged in a heroic life-and-death struggle for almost a year and a half should there be a place in the united ranks! A united anti-Hitler coalition of countries and peoples must be created, as in the 1940s of the twentieth century – anti-Putin=anti-Russian coalition! That is the only way to win this fight. There is no alternative any more. No sanctions and lend-lease will solve the problem. If this does not happen, perhaps the literary expression “procrastination is like death” will become relevant!

The latter, of course, is only in place, not in importance or meaning. In many ways, the mistake, indecision, indulgence and dependence on “friendship” during the 2008 Samitis led to the war against Georgia and what many are now “turning a blind eye” to. At the behest of “grey-headedness”, a slow and painstakingly executed assassination equal to that of President Saakashvili is taking place in a Georgian prison. The one who warned in Bucharest of an impending threat, along with Polish President Lech Kaczynski, whose political career and life were tragically and possibly criminally cut short precisely on the territory of the state that constantly threatens peace. It is telling that the harshest reaction to such arbitrariness has been in Ukraine, whose not only politician but also citizen Saakashvili is.

Perhaps, like virtually everyone, he too could and has made mistakes. Still, he has tried his best to bring his beloved, hospitable and welcoming, beautiful country into the united family of European nations. To transform it into a modern democratic state. He succeeded in many things, but many things were prevented from happening. Among them were those obedient ” grey-minded” people who could not accept the obvious need to look down on him.

I do not like to think that he was destined, as the poet Yevtushenko wrote, “And I am killed because, unlike the hypocrites, I stood out too much in the grey with my chub!”

I think, I hope, and I am sure that during the Summit, not only beautiful words should be found, but also necessary, essential, necessary actions for the salvation of man and the World.

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