Russian intentions to invest in Lithuanian company trigger national security concerns

After talks emerged about the Russian chemical company EuroChem Group entertaining plans to invest in Lithuania’s Achema Group, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė said that any investor would have to go through scrutiny and meet strict national security criteria. Achema Group is the owner of fertilizer manufacturer Achema, one of the biggest companies in the country which is included in the list of enterprises with relevance to Lithuania’s national security. […]

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Embassy of Israel invites to Trophy Basketball Tournament

The Embassy of Israel in Vilnius together with Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball Academy is organizing a youth basketball tournament in Vilnius. […]

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Lithuania might be getting to something big: dual citizenship e-referendum

Russia’s Vladimir Putin may have just done favour for Lithuania with his sardonic remark on “fewer Lithuanians” during his recent visit to Kaliningrad – even parties that had bristled against the idea of a referendum on allowing dual citizenship, might be embracing it amid the sabre-rattling from the East. Moreover, politicians might be getting cozy with another outlandish idea: get the folks say “yes” or “no” through e-voting. […]

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Lithuania’s labour code overhaul divides opinions

Lithuania is often described as a country where potential investors are put off by a tax system inherited from the Soviet times and inflexible labour code. Still, the new social model, currently in the works and promised to provide more flexible employer-employee relations, have received a fair deal of criticism. […]


Vilnius mayor happy to trade Green Bridge statues for 16-century Lithuanian Statute

There will be more clarity about the fate of the Soviet statues which were recently removed from the Green Bridge of Vilnius in autumn, says Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius, adding that he has already received six official requests to take the statues. […]


Supervision of Lithuania’s tourism sector insufficient, auditors say

Implementing the Public Audit Programme of 2015, National Audit Office of Lithuania has already conducted one third of the financial (regularity) audits and prepared their reports. The report of the audit of the Ministry of Economy has been presented to the public – how Ministry as well as institutions under the Ministry performed the delegated functions and used the funds allocated for the implementation of various programmes during 2014, the Office reports. […]