Lithuania will host 100 startup founders

Andželika Rusteikienė

This event is undoubtedly considered to be extremely exceptional because of the profiles of the individuals who will land in Vilnius at the beginning of October. More than 200 Global Shapers community member announced to join Shape Europe event in Vilnius. What is more, half of the participants are startup founders from Europe.

“Young entrepreneurs are excited to come to Shape Europe event in Vilnius. Some of them are engaged in technology while others are fond of investment. I am absolutely amazed and inspired by the expertise and commitment of these young talented individuals. They come up with extraordinary solutions for the most demanding challenges by not only creating smart phones or applications but they also manage to invent technologies integrating handicapped people,” says the Curator of Global Shapers community in Vilnius Andželika Rusteikienė.

“There are more and more newly established companies in Lithuania, which have managed to prove their high capacity to perform on a global level. Idea generators and company founders form Lithuania are already well known and recognized by young successful entrepreneurs from not only all over the Europe but more far away countries. This may lead to the fact that huge number of Shape Europe event participants are founders of innovative enterprises,” says startup investor and advisor Rokas Tamošiūnas who is also member of Global Sahpers community.

He also added that network of contacts of experienced professionals who are familiar with various markets and enterprises are one the most significant items on a list for young person to gain even before establishing his or her own enterprise. That is why Shape Europe event is a unique opportunity not only to get acquainted with successful individuals, willing to share their expertise, but also to discover future strategic partners.

100 Lithuanians will be provided with the opportunity to meet Global Shapers community members from Europe, if they meet requirement. Active Lithuanians willing to take part in this event on October 2nd can take part in selection process to join this event.

Global Shapers community brings together layers, entrepreneurs, journalists, NGO representatives as well as active public figures who commit their time to this community even having their agendas filled with other responsibilities.

Global Shapers community members will share their experience, best practices regarding the projects they implement in their countries. Participants will join panel discussions, analyzing eduction, policy making, entrepreneurship as well as social innovation.

“Lithuania is faced with extraordinary opportunity to present its startups, which become more amd more widely recognized all over the world. It also a great event for participants to share their insights regarding their experience developing enterprises and reaching out for solutions in completely different markets,” explains Curator of Global Shapers community in Vilnius Andželika Rusteikienė.

Lithuania is gaining higher positions in competitiveness indexes every year. In comparison to previous year, Lithuania’s ranking in this index improved by 6 positions this year. It holds 28th position.

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