Debu Purkayastha

Lithuanian startups ‘can be global pioneers’ – former Google employee

Debu Purkayastha, a representative of UK-based investment fund Octopus Investments and a former employee of Google, believes Lithuanian tech entrepreneurs have what it takes to become global pioneers. […]


Lithuanian start-up Semseye makes breakthrough with Google partnership

Lithuanian start-up Sems Technology which develops solutions that allow retailers to track and analyse customer behaviour and flows in their stores has become one of a small number of Google-approved beacon manufacturers. […]

Minister of Economy Evaldas Gustas

Startup investment fund planned by Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy is planning a potential investment fund that would provide seed capital and co-investments to newly formed small and micro businesses, or startups. The measure being considered to form the fund would also help develop the alternative First North market, a stock exchange geared towards smaller companies in the Nordic region, by preparing those companies to enter the regulated securities market. […]


New innovative Lithuanian smoke alarm launches globally

Technological innovation company Eldes has launched a globally unique smoke alarm called Fumerex. […]

De-industrialisation was the most painful for older workers. The employment service has directed these men to do community service at the local water supplier (photo by Dalia Mikonytė)

Creativity and boredom in a Lithuanian town coping with globalisation

Having joined the eurozone this year and successfully advertised its natural and urban wonders, Lithuania has become a new darling of international travel ‘listicles’. Its brushed-up capital, ambitious start-ups and emerging foodie hotspots make many visitors wonder if this is really one of the poorest countries in the European Union. Much of the country’s hardships, however, have been cushioned by de-industrialised peripheral towns – like Alytus. Having lost most of its industries, the town is looking for new, global inspiration. […]

Mantas Radvila

Lithuanian game developer with 30m users aiming to triple revenue in 2015

With over 30 million downloads worldwide of their game development platform, Kaunas-based TutoTOONS is going from strength to strength. Established as a start-up two years ago by two Lithuanian game developers, the company now has 15 staff in Kaunas and Barcelona, and has ambitious plans for further expansion. One of TutoTOONS’s founders, Mantas Radvila, makes no secret of the fact that he had a chance to settle in the US and develop his business there, but chose Lithuania instead. DELFI, a Lithuanian media network, caught up with Mr Radvila to discover the reasons behind this decision, and what the secret of the company’s success is. […]