Tesonet Accelerator to Focus on Investment Stage Startups

At a start up office. By Annie Spratt from Unsplash

Tesonet begins targeted investment and hands-on work with startups by launching the Tesonet Accelerator. Specifically designed for startups with a functioning MVP, the accelerator will assess whether it’s a meaningful technological solution and evaluate its readiness for global scaling.

Bringing experience and infrastructure to the table with Tesonet Accelerator

Since its founding in 2008, Tesonet has been best known for proprietary cybersecurity products, like Nord Security with its VPN service, the cybersecurity customer success centre CyberCare, and many others. In addition to developing its own products, Tesonet has also invested in other world-renowned startups: Hostinger, CAST AI, Whatagraph, Eneba, and Turing College among many others.

The accelerator plans to kickstart with Lithuania-based startups. It will provide funding, expertise and practical knowledge, state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, and guidance required for a successful entry into the world’s most competitive markets, like the US.

“There are a lot of local startups that have both a quality product and ambition for conquering global markets. Tesonet wants to contribute to their faster growth not only by investing financially. We aim to also share our know-how in marketing, business and product development, our extensive network of entrepreneurs, and our technical infrastructure. We’ve gained a lot of experience developing our own products and entering new markets in Europe, the US, and the whole world, and now other startups can benefit from that,” says Tomas Okman, co-founder at Tesonet and Tesonet Accelerator.

Not a conventional startup accelerator

Unlike traditional accelerators, Tesonet is industry-agnostic and open to applications all year round. It also provides startups with custom global growth strategies instead of following a one-size-fits-all program.

“Our purpose is to help solve real challenges when they emerge and to accelerate growth when there’s an opportunity. That’s why the size of investment as well as the nature of our work with the startup depends solely on that specific team. We’re highly focused on getting startups ready to enter global markets and less interested in their internal operations. We don’t seek to interfere with the startups’ management in any way. What we bring to the table is guidance and thorough support,“ said Eimantas Sabaliauskas, one of the co-founders of Tesonet.

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