Lithuanian startups ‘can be global pioneers’ – former Google employee

Debu Purkayastha
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Speaking at a presentation for the upcoming technology and innovation conference #SWITCH!, which will be held in Vilnius on September 8-9, Mr Purkayastha was keen to praise the Lithuanian startup scene and share optimism regarding its future.

“I really like what I see in Lithuania,” said the investor, who last year discovered two promising Lithuanian startups, Yplan and Trafi. “Since I invest in a variety of startups around the world, Lithuania is no longer an exception. Two Lithuanian companies have already received support from our fund.”

Mr Purkayastha gave several reasons as to why he likes working with Lithuanians. These included excellent professional qualifications, motivation, and eagerness to work. And he believes the ability of Lithuania’s startup community to develop products with global relevance means the country’s budding entrepreneurs will realise their ambitions to grow beyond the region.

He also praised the analytical skills Lithuanian IT specialists possess, arguing that they will enable Lithuanian startups to become global pioneers not only in developing tech-based solutions but also in forecasting future trends and growth directions. In this regard, said Mr Purkayastha, they even exceed their counterparts in better known tech hubs in the US and Europe.

#SWITCH! is an ICT and entrepreneurship conference that aims to encourage young tech enthusiasts to create companies which could one day become the next Google or Microsoft. This year 10,000 such enthusiasts are expected to attend the two day event.

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