Lithuanian startup gets wind in its sails at international sailing exhibition

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There has been a gap in the sailing market for many years in respect of transmitting sensor data to mobile devices DataLinker shares a vessel’s sensor data using Bluetooth Smart technology which allows sailors to calculate start and tactical maneuvers during a race based on current wind and laylines.

The linker makes data available to mobile devices while keeping the 3G/4G internet channels open. The company said it avoids the frustration of having to disconnect from instruments (WiFi systems), while also adding the flexibility to share your vessels data to a cloud based system.

The DataLinker device presented by SailRacer at the international Dusseldorf Boat Show exhibition has attracted a lot of interest.

The main difference between SailRacer’s product and similar WiFi devices is that Bluetooth 4 technology is used (also known as Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy) which provides considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range. DataLinker can be connected to any ship‘s sensors and any shipping mobile device applications.

The company’s prototype has been thoroughly tested by sailors in the Caribbean islands and is now ready for production. The company said it now just needed to cross the last hurdle of product certification.

The start-up is seeking to raise funding on the world’s most popular crowd funding portal Kickstarter. The company aims to collect enough funds to manufacture enough necessary to secure the Bluetooth, FCC and NMEA2000 certifications.

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