Say No to “Double Standards” on Counter-terrorism

For some time, a few western politicians and some unscrupulous media like the New York Times, have been hyping up the so-call issue of vocational education and training in Xinjiang.  They made wanton accusations to […]

No Picture

“Adios, England. We return to Lithuania”: emigrants bring everything

“Adios, England. We return to Lithuania”. This phrase is not a headline intended to draw the reader’s attention. It is a part of an advert by an English Lithuanian. Coincidence or not, however in recent weeks, the number of signs of return from the UK to Lithuania has become greater. […]


Three most sought-after neighbourhoods in Vilnius were compared: which has the most advantages?

The housing supply in Vilnius is currently reaching record numbers, however, based on the latest data, sales are keeping up with such a supply. Real estate (RE) experts are surprised by the activity of buyers over the past months, and state that a similar situation was last observed before the financial crisis. They also distinguish three neighbourhoods which received the most attention from buyers over the past year. […]

Flag of Hungary

Hungarian lessons for Lithuania and Europe

There is a good old English term illiberal democracy that does not have a precise translation into Lithuanian. It defines the regimes that come to power through democratic means, but their representatives apparently aim at the never-ending reign trampling on the fundamental European values of democracy, freedom of speech, and the rule of law. Let us call them anti-democrats, and let me share some insights about them. […]

Ramūnas Karbauskis and Gabrielius Landsbergis

Election intrigue only beginning: behind the scenes processes proceed

Visvaldas Matijošaitis is celebrating his victory in Kaunas after the first round, however in the other big cities, a fierce struggle over the post of mayor is only beginning. […]

Vytautas Landsbergis

Vytautas Landsbergis on committees: local parish parties are creating mini-states

“I hope that Kaunas will not declare independence from Lithuania. But such a trend exists looking more broadly at what is happening in Lithuania. The entrenchment of certain groups, which could call themselves parties, committees, parishes or such. In reality, all those committees are small local parties making political deals, sharing power and opportunities, sometimes they are good, but sometimes – selfish,” professor Vytautas Landsbergis says. In his opinion, the entrenchment of local parties, which create mini-states, is dangerous. […]

Dalius Misiūnas

Head of Maxima Grupė: prices in Poland and Lithuania can hardly be compared

Maxima Grupė [Maxima Group] has entered the Polish market and sees the biggest potential for the company’s growth in this particular country. The head of the company Dalius Misiūnas is confident that a greater scale of operation and innovation will enable the company to make its activities more efficient and economical, which will allow the company to offer better conditions for those who shop in Lithuania. […]

Vidas Rachlevičius

Vidas Rachlevičius. Bells are ringing for Europe, but people hear them differently

With the European Parliament (EP) elections nearing in Europe and Lithuania, the famous investor and philanthropist George Soros made waves by comparing the European Union to the Soviet Union. […]