Pillar Unconference

What is an unconference?

An ‘unconference’ differs from a traditional conference in that attendees generate and lead the schedule, sessions, discussion topics, and interactions. This prioritises conversation over presentation – where most innovations occur – and encourages contribution, flexibility, and collaboration. […]

An Orthodox Christian with a cross

The History of the Polish Orthodox Church to Repeat in Ukraine?

The autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church seems to be closer and closer, and for some this will be a victory, recognition of independence and a great advantage on the eve of the coming presidential elections. However, almost a century ago, in 1924, a similar situation took place in Poland, and it resulted in persecutions of the autocephaly-granted church and a greater division. […]

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European Union

MEPs urge European Commission to help the European basketball community and evaluate the dispute between FIBA and Euroleague

Members of the five political groups of the European Parliament urge European Commission to help the European basketball community and evaluate the dispute between FIBA and Euroleague, regarding their overlapping schedules for Euroleage clubs´ sessions and FIBA´s qualification tournaments for the basketball World Cup 2018 and Tokyo Olympics, , MEP Antanas Guoga’s press office informed.. […]

Antanas Guoga
European Union

MEP Antanas Guoga backs up Euroleague against FIBA unilateral decisions

Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga condemns the false accuses towards Euroleage calling it a basketball Cold War and sees the flaws in the new FIBA system. The concern regarding the conflicting scheduling of Euroleage clubs´ sessions and FIBA´s qualification tournaments for the basketball World Cup and the Olympics´20 was raised last week in the European Parliament, MEP Antanas Guoga press office informed. […]

A happy couple

Fear of relationships

Time after time you feel desperate to get into a relationship and to commit to some imaginary partner. But as soon as the possibility to get into a relationship is right in front of you, you are doing your best to avoid it. Why? The answer is simple, you have a fear of relationships. It may take many forms, but it always ends this way, at the very last moment you refuse the possibility of dating someone. Let’s with Natasha single dating have a look why sometimes we are afraid to get into relationships. […]

A couple

How to act to attract girls?

You may not automatically become a dating loser if you don’t know how to attract a girl, but the lack of this knowledge will definitely make you suffer. Most of the problems that arise between men and women lies in the fact that the former rarely know how to attract girls. How else can you explain that huge number of articles about things girls find attractive floating all over the internet? While knowing what girls like can be useful, but the fact that each girl should be treated individually makes it really doubtful that you can know them for sure. One likes romantic movies, while another one hates them. So, the best is to know how to be attractive to girls, which we and pretty ladies online site going to check out. […]

Igor Tsyapa Technoforce CEO, Gintarė Narkevičiūtė Nexus Operations CEO

Lithuanian company became official supporter of Ukraine‘s business

Uncertainty and repression do not need to follow every interaction between two independent countries. Great communication and partnership are possible, if both parties are willing to put work into the better future. One of the latest examples of a thoughtful and organized international relations management is the agreement between two leading companies from Ukraine and Lithuania. Lithuanian company Nexus Operations, Ltd. became official international representative of Ukraine‘s innovator Technoforce. […]

Riga Conference 2017

The Rīga Conference 2017 Live Stream

On 29–30 September, the National Library of Latvia in Rīga is hosting an annual international forum called The Rīga Conference 2017, which is dedicated to foreign policy and security matters. The conference is organised by the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. […]

Proud of Lithuania: A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root

Sweet Root book will make you proud of Lithuania’s gastronomic history

Proud of Lithuania: A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root is a new book that encourages readers to take pride in Lithuania through its ancient gastronomy. “This story that begins at the dinner table, on a plate full of magical flavors, tastes, emotions, and memories, in the rough woods of our little country, called Lithuania. In its bright fields and cold blue rivers. In its soil and lakes. From the soil up to the sky. At a time when our life narrative was formed by a chain of connected happenings: birth, maturation, death, and rebirth of nature.” So begins the new book Proud of Lithuania: A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root. […]