Russian aims sow concern over the Baltic

With Russia declaring its intent to expand mineral surveying in the Baltic Sea next to Kaliningrad Oblast, Lithuanian specialists worry that the sea may become further polluted due to this, while politicians associate such aims […]

Gitanas Nausėda

Gitanas Nausėda: We have lost our compass

According to SEB chief economist dr. Gitanas Nausėda, who leads in the expected future president and most influential business figure ratings, people’s welfare and declining social segregation should be directions for Lithuania’s future because the […]

No Picture

Parties: Lilliputians growing, giants declining

The people are drawing away from the so-called establishment political powers, instead minor protest, populist and more radical parties are gaining momentum, writes. “I believe that four million voices can gather for more than […]

Kęstutis Eidukonis
Global LT

Kęstutis Eidukonis: World Lithuanian community does not need more members

Just after Lithuania regained its independence, Kęstutis Eidukonis, a Lithuanian who had completed the US military service in Panama, began to correspond with the government and proposed to create a register of ships after the Panamanian example. When he came to free Lithuania for the first time, the United States reserve lieutenant colonel had to deal with bureaucracy and corruption. […]