Klaipėda port

Klaipėda outer port plans worry local residents

Plans to build an 800-million-euro outer port in Melnragė, a seaside neighborhood of Klaipėda, have come under increasing criticism from local residents, the daily Lietuvos Žinios reported on Tuesday. […]

Global LT

Italian Lithuanian A. Kriščiūnaitė-Dantoni: There is still a Soviet Union Street in Florence

Asta Kriščiūnaitė-Dantoni , Tuscany Lithuanian community founder and chairman of the board, recently told the LRT.lt news outlet that Italians tend to believe disinformation. “They have it in their heads that we speak Russian and don’t know our country’s history,“ she said. She’s happy to be working hard to change these misconceptions, lrt.lt writes. […]

Romani people

Roma, the vagabonds of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Gypsies originated in Indian Peninsula and left their native lands in the Middle Ages after choosing nomadic way of life. In the 15th century, their traces are already evident in Central Europe and it is likely that they reached the territory of Lithuania at about the same time. It is thought that the Great Duke of Lithuania Aleksandras granted Gypsies the privilege in 1501 allowing them to roam all over the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Moving from one place to another they would earn they daily bread through the trade of wizardry and, forced by deprivation and poverty, eventually got involved in the inglorious “craft”, stealing. This is why the image of Gypsies in Lithuania has gradually diminished to persons involved in magic and horse stealing. […]

Yandex taxi / Yandex photo

Yandex.Taxi says it keeps to data protection rules, ready for checks by Lithuanian bodies

Russian-owned ride-sharing service provider Yandex.Taxi says that it keeps to data protection rules and is ready for any checks by Lithuanian authorities. […]

Mission Siberia 2018 back to Lithuania

Participants of Mission Siberia’18 return to Lithuania from Kazakhstan

Participants of Lithuania’s 17th Mission Siberia expedition returned to Lithuania from Kazakhstan on Sunday. […]