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Lithuanian, foreign officers bust intl online crime gang

Lithuanian and foreign officers have busted a large-scale international criminal organization involved in various online and other crimes for a long time in Europe and beyond, Lithuania’s Prosecutor General’s Office said on Friday. […]

Vygaudas Ušackas

Presidential election puzzle: what role Ušackas might actually play

In presidential elections, as in cycling, some participate to compete for victory, while others – so that they would aid others in reaching it. Intrigue over the role that Vygaudas Ušackas may play in the […]

Three Crosses monument
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Vilnius lights Three Crosses monument with Greek flag colors over fire mourning

Vilnius has expressed its support to Greece mourning the victims of devastating fires and has lit the Three Crosses monument with the white and blue colors of the Greek flag. […]

Letters on the stones
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A Lithuanian living in Alaska won the surname with “w”

On July 25th 2018 The Vilnius District Court passed yet another verdict on the original spelling case of names and surnames. This time, for a Lithuanian who married a citizen of the United States of America and took a surname with a “w”. A citizen of Lithuania, who lives in Alaska, reached out to the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR), which led up more than forty cases in this matter. For several years now in the US, the applicant is identified by the surname of her spouse that contains the letter “w” – she has driver’s license, has signed several contracts with it etc., but Lithuania refused to register her surname, a press release from the foundation states. […]

Remnants of the Great Synagogue of Vilnius

Vilnius plans to commemorate Great Synagogue by 2023 after important discovery

Archeologists have found one of the most important parts of the Great Synagogue of Vilnius, the bimah – a raised central platform for Torah readings, the Jewish Community of Lithuania said on Thursday. […]