Citus to build another 119 apartments in the Vilnius Burbiškės forest valley

Vilnius Burbiškės forest valley

The real estate development and management company Citus is launching the second of three stages of development in the capital’s Burbiškės area project Miško Ardai, featuring 119 apartments. This stage is to conclude by Q2 2021, with around 9.6 million-euro investment.

Currently, the final construction works for the first stage of the project are ongoing, infrastructure is being installed: an internal park with a pool, a rest dome, a grill zone, sports areas and others. The first stage constructions were completed within a year and 85per cent of its 105 apartments have been sold. Investment in the first stage reached around 8.3 million euros.

“The Miško Ardai project is of great importance to Citus, and also very complex. While the first two stages feature a large number of firm contracts (85 and 41 per cent of apartments reserved respectively), the first stage must be completed and the second started under conditions of great uncertainty. During the lockdown, we faced a variety of challenges: material supplies were disrupted, the contractors had to resolve how to continue work without interruption when with the declaration of lockdown, staff from abroad departed for their homes, and new staff could not arrive. Also, the work of state institutions slowed, which extended the handling of construction documents. While the current housing market situation still forces careful consideration when evaluating investment decisions, we are glad for our client’s trust and the well-arranged work processes, which permit proceeding with the project without interruption,” Citus CEO Mantas Galdikas said.

The main construction works for the second stage are to be launched in July-August, with the company planning 80 per cent completion in construction works by Q2 2021. This stage will demand approximately 9.6 million euros in investment and more than 40 per cent of the planned flats, 49 of 119, have already been sold.

A unique architectural element in this project are extra structures built at the height of surrounding tree-tops, each being surrounded by terraces on all sides. These feature penthouse and loft-type apartments with 8-metre tall ceilings, sloped roofs akin to attics, entresols and roof terraces. All three stages of Miško Ardai comprise a single architectural ensemble, which has a close connection to the environment – the triangle-shaped construction forms an internal park, with a single edge being left open in order to offer a view of the nearby landscape and forest from within the yard.

Miško Ardai is to feature three stages at energy effectiveness class A+, with 286 apartments planned. 328 car parking places are planned to be constructed underneath, and overall investment in the project should reach around 24 million euros. The architectural solutions for Miško Ardai were created by the team at Vilniaus Architektūros Studijos, while the construction works are managed by Citus Construction.

Numbers and facts

  • Project address – Burbiškių g. 6 Vilnius;
  • Number of apartments: stage I – 105, stage II – 119, total (planned) – 286;
  • Building energy efficiency class – A+;
  • Number and size of rooms: 1-4 rooms; 36-94 square meters (stage I), 36-102 square metres (stage II);
  • Investment: stage I – 8.3 million euro, stage II – 9.6 million euro, total (planned) – 23.8 million euro;
  • Other solutions: low height construction, gas heating, recuperative ventilation system, penthouse-style apartments, 9-40 square-metre balconies and terraces;
  • Planned total number of parking spaces (subterranean car park underneath the buildings) – 328, bike storage spaces – 148 and a separate 60 slot bike storage location in a reconstructed former bunker.
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