The site of the future National Stadium

Apartment deal to push ahead €79m national stadium development

The company that wins the competition to develop a National Stadium on the outskirts of Vilnius will also be allowed to build apartments on the site as a sweetener to attract potential developers. […]


Ups and downs in Latvia’s construction sector in 2014

Latvia’s construction sector had demonstrated significant growth at the beginning of 2014. As expected, but construction rates soon began to slow down, and so the total growth will likely be insignificant. […]

Panevėžio statybos trestas, PST

New textile factory to be built in Panevėžys

Construction company AB Panevežio Statybos Trestas has signed a contract with UAB Devold regarding new textile factory construction in Panevėžys, northern Lithuania, according to a statement by the company. […]