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Opinion: Refugee quotas and missed opportunity for Eastern Europe

The current refugee and illegal immigration crisis in European Union received multiple opinions and positions. Mismanagement can be easily seen in the current situation. One of the most noticeable parts of it is a clash of interests inside the EU itself. The reluctance of the Eastern part of EU to cooperate with the West show that the governments of the Union do not agree on the same terms and that there are different points of view on the situation. This can be seen in the recent EU agreement for the relocation of the refugees, where ministers of the member states were responsible. […]

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Lithuanian law expert: Communist crimes tribunal a symbolic act but of little legal consequence

Establishing an international institution for investigating Communist crimes would be a rather symbolic act, but it will probably would not lead to prosecution of those behind the Communist repressions, says Professor Justinas Žilinskas of the Lithuanian Mykolas Romeris University’s Department of International and European Union Law. […]

Chicago's 'Cloud', gathering place for annual Lithuanian National Anthem singing  Photo Ludo Segers
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Chicago’s Consulate General moving to new premises in Lithuanian diaspora capital

Sitting on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is an important transport, financial and cultural hub. It hosts world-class universities, world-class museums and a famous opera and music scene that make for a fascinating and vibrant place to live and work. The city had to reinvent itself several times, never more dramatically as after the great fire in 1871. Chicago is also known as the centre of the Lithuanian community in the United States. […]

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Lithuania’s GDP up by 1.4% in Q2 2015 y-o-y

Based on more comprehensive business, tax and price statistics, in the second quarter of 2015, GDP at current prices amounted to EUR 9,284.7 million, Statistics Lithuania reports. […]

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Lithuanian PM calls on Ukrainian Govt to continue reforms

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius, currently on a visit in Ukraine, has urged the Ukrainian government to proceed with the reforms in battling corruption in the country. […]