Alexander Lukashenko

Opinion: The dilemma of dictatorial stability

Current times in Eastern Europe can hardly be seen as a blessing. With the region more destabilized than ever, not only the economies of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the surrounding countries suffer, but also the image of Eastern Europe has been in downfall lately. However, for someone these problems in the region might be coming at a perfect time. […]

No Picture

Opinion: Refugee quotas and missed opportunity for Eastern Europe

The current refugee and illegal immigration crisis in European Union received multiple opinions and positions. Mismanagement can be easily seen in the current situation. One of the most noticeable parts of it is a clash of interests inside the EU itself. The reluctance of the Eastern part of EU to cooperate with the West show that the governments of the Union do not agree on the same terms and that there are different points of view on the situation. This can be seen in the recent EU agreement for the relocation of the refugees, where ministers of the member states were responsible. […]