Ingrida Šimonytė

Šimonytė explains where millions for teachers‘ wages vanished

Already prior to September, 17 million euro were earmarked for teachers’ wage raises and at the end of October, the Ministry of Education and Science declared that another 10 million euro was set aside. The teachers are on strike and state they have not noticed this funding despite the ministry sharing especially favourable statistics. Presidential candidate Ingrida Šimonytė visited the teachers on strike and mentioned, where the millions intended for wages could have vanished. […]

Vladas Gaidys, Ignas Zokas

Vilmorus head: correspondence scandal hurt Grybauskaitė‘s ratings to the extent that they still haven’t recovered

“The results were unsurprising,” Spinter Tyrimai head, sociologist Ignas Zokas said regarding a survey commissioned by Delfi regarding the cabinet, Seimas and president’s work. On a scale to ten, the Seimas’ work was rated 4.62 […]