Sergejus Kanovičius

For Your Freedom and Ours?

For our freedom and yours, we heard this motto during the independence movement in 1990 inviting everyone–Lithuanians, us Jews, and others–to rally to fight for independence. And we rallied, believing that in that Lithuania–the Lithuania of today–we would all be equal, and not just before God. We thought we’d be equal before memory, and before our history. As brothers and sisters. Are we equal in memory? Are we equal before history? […]

Julius Pagojus ir Dalia Grybauskaitė

Justmin-designate scrutinized over drunk driving penalty

Lithuania’s justice minister-designate Julius Pagojus came under criticism on Wednesday after the media unveiled that he had lost his driver’s license a year ago for drunk driving. […]

Vilnius Tech Park

Bored Panda joins Vilnius Tech Park community

Bored Panda, the panda-friendly, viral content creating web magazine, is joining the Vilnius Tech Park community. The startup, launched in Lithuanian in 2009, is busy filling the internet with creative posts, amazing artwork, fun picture galleries and articles in English and Spanish, Vilnius Tech Park announced in its press release. […]

Rokas Grajauskas

Education reform, investment promotion as new govt’s priorities – Grajauskas

Danske Bank‘s chief economist for the Baltic countries believes that Lithuania’s incoming government should give priority to reforming the country’s education system in order to improve the situation in the labour market and help ensure sustainable economic growth, but he warns that possible differences in opinions between the ministry and the Seimas may prevent major changes from occurring. […]