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Kazakh citizen wanted by Interpol detained in Lithuania

Kazakh citizen Syrym Shalabayev was detained in Vilnius on Tuesday after more than two years of being wanted by the Interpol. […]

MH17 crash site

Opinion: Will Russia escape responsibility for MH17 crash?

Since the moment news broke about a downed passenger plane in eastern Ukraine, Russia has adopted a pose of aggressive defensiveness, although no one was making any accusations against it. Officially, the Kremlin maintains it is not a party to the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and can, at most, act as a mediator between Kiev and the separatists. No one officially disputes that, it is as self-appointed mediator that Russia took part in the Minsk peace talks. […]

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Lithuanian Film Centre distributes nearly EUR 400,000 state aid for film projects

The Lithuanian Film Centre has granted €390,378 of state funding for 14 national film projects. Nine projects – including one interactive project – were granted financial assistance for development, and five film projects – two features, one documentary, one short animation, and one short fiction film – received support for the production. […]


Why Green Bridge statues did not become Bronze Soldier of Vilnius

Eight years ago, the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn, a memorial for WWII Soviet soldiers, was relocated from the city centre, which led to controversy and riots, also known as the Bronze night. Some were expecting similar reactions to removal of the so-called Green Bridge statues in Vilnius. But when they were taken down last week, there were no conflicts or provocations. How come? […]