UK media watchdog rules that Russian channel in Lithuania gave biased coverage of Ukraine


It found that that British-licensed television broadcaster Baltic Media Alliance Ltd., which prepares and broadcasts the programs of NTV Mir Lithuania, violated the British Broadcaster Code by providing biased information in a Profession: Reporter documentary and two news broadcasts Today.

“The broadcaster’s right to freedom of expression is not absolute,” Ofcom said in a June bulletin, which assessed the Profession: Reporter documentary that was broadcast last November.

Meanwhile, the latest July bulletin analyzing the two news broadcasts says that the “licensee failed to reflect alternative viewpoints sufficiently or provide appropriate context”.

The British regulator conducted a thorough analysis of the broadcasts in response to the request from the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission.

The commission had suspended broadcasts of some of NTV Mir Lithuania content in March 2014 for three months, in addition to repeated suspension of other Russian-language TV channels for instigation of war, hatred or propaganda.

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