Experts: love for Russian propaganda does not depend on nationality

The war in Ukraine has intensified the issue of national minorities. Experts say that the public is reassured that it is not them but the representatives of national minorities who have more faith in Russian […]

Bishop Tihon, patriarch Kiril and President Vladimir Putin

Russia couldn’t find a future but wants to manage the past

Next year Russia will hold presidential elections. But there are some problems. First of all, Russia is not a democratic state. In “Freedom House” rankings it belongs to the “not free” countries category. In 2017 the country received an evaluation of only 20 points from 100. It means, that in the short-term we should not expect free and democratic elections in Russia. […]

Putin and children in Russia

Surprise? In some regions Putin could make to the 2nd round of Lithuanian Presidential elections

At the general meeting between Education and Culture Committees which happened on Wednesday at the Parliament the issue of propaganda techniques in education and culture was discussed. Laurynas Kasčiūnas, who used to be the manager […]

Vytautas Bakas

Lithuania needs bigger defence budget for cyber security, universal conscription – MP

Lithuania needs a bigger defence budget to ensure cyber security and prepare for universal military conscription, says Vytautas Bakas, chairman of the parliament’s Committee on National Security and Defence, which has recently called on political parties to commit to increasing defence spending to 2.5 percent of GDP in 2020. […]