Vladimir Putin

Opinion: Why Russia needs Lithuania

Lithuania is a small country in comparison to Russia. So why does the Kremlin pay Lithuania a disproportionate amount of its attention? One reason is that it needs weak enemies that it can divert its people’s attention to. There was a time when Russian polls indicated that they saw Lithuania as their number one enemy. Later it was Georgia and Ukraine. […]

Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė

Opinion: Winning back hearts and souls of Lithuania’s citizens

The West now faces bigger problems than Ukraine’s future or Russia’s plans for its neighbours. The growing threat of terrorism makes Russia more and more indispensable to its Western partners. That’s dangerous for the Baltic states because there’s no way that the Kremlin will renounce its aggressive goals, get lost in Syria or run out of resources for all of its front lines. […]

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Baltic journalism centre to be founded in Riga in effort to counter propaganda challenges

In response to the impact of the Russian propaganda in the Baltic region, a Centre of Journalistic Excellence should be established in Latvia to focus on the quality of media, particularly, the Russian-language media, Lithuanian Culture Vice-Minister Romas Jarockis said. […]

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Lithuanian Seimas committee okays president’s bill on propaganda

The Lithuanian parliament’s Education and Science Committee on Wednesday gave a green light to the amendments initiated by President Dalia Grybauskaitė on countering hostile propaganda. […]

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Why Lithuania banned Russian TV channel

Lithuania made international headlines last week when its Radio and Television Commission decided to institute a blanket ban on all programmes of a Russian TV channel. The channel in question, RTR Planeta, is registered in Sweden, but its content is entirely Russian-produced. The Commission had previously suspended broadcasts of individual programmes, saying they violated Lithuanian laws, but RTR Planeta would not stop. […]

TV Tower

Lithuania creates precedent in EU by banning Russian TV station

Lithuania’s media watchdog has blocked broadcasts by Russian TV channel RTR Planeta on grounds of inciting hatred over Ukraine. […]