Vladimiras Putinas o a TV set

Russian propaganda most impactful on ethnic minorities

Europe has finally admitted what has been spoken about in Lithuania for a long time now – it is experiencing information attacks from Russia. This week the European Parliament passed a resolution which states that […]


Was there an artistic underground in Soviet Lithuania?

How much space did non-conformist art and artists enjoy in a society where they were inevitably included into the Soviet state machinery? The question was raised in a recent discussion by artists, historians and art critics who research art and artistic production during the Soviet period. […]

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Foreign affairs

How Moscow’s money funds propaganda in Lithuania

The State Security Department has showed to the Parliamentary National Security and Defence Committee the schemes by which money for propaganda comes from Moscow to Lithuania. […]

Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė

Opinion: Winning back hearts and souls of Lithuania’s citizens

The West now faces bigger problems than Ukraine’s future or Russia’s plans for its neighbours. The growing threat of terrorism makes Russia more and more indispensable to its Western partners. That’s dangerous for the Baltic states because there’s no way that the Kremlin will renounce its aggressive goals, get lost in Syria or run out of resources for all of its front lines. […]

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Ukrainian TV producer: Fight Russian propaganda with privileges, not bans

Lithuania should not follow the Ukrainian example of banning Russian-language television channels and offering no alternative, says Ukrainian journalist Tetyana Pushnova, general producer of the Ukraine Today TV. […]