Lithuania initiates OSCE discussion on Russian propaganda

The discussion will focus “on Russia-spread state propaganda and the threats of conscious disinformation to the OSCE-defended principles of the freedom of speech and media independence as well as democratic values, and also opinions on the impact of propaganda on OSCE countries, especially Ukraine and the Baltic states, will be exchanged,” the ministry said.

Lithuania is holding the discussions in cooperation with the US, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the UK, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Canada, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Iceland, Norway, Romania and nongovernmental organization Freedom House, the Civic Solidarity Platform and Ukrainian online TV channel Hromadske TV.

According to the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, fighting propaganda was this year put on the OSCE political agenda for the first time in the organization history thanks to the joint effort of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Lithuanian delegation will be led by the country’s Permanent Representative of the OSCE Ambassador Giedrius Čekuolis.

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