Journalism society’s much needed cure

Journalism is a vaccination for democracy. Sometimes it hurts, but it protects the whole system from lethal diseases. Technological progress is changing the world, but it cannot change one eternal law: those, who do not […]

Tomer Sofinzon, Founder of the Pillar Project, at a panel discussion, by Mantas Bartaševičius

Tomer Sofinzon: Blockchain will change the way we live

Blockchain technology is going to change the world and potentially could have as big effect on our lives as birth of the Internet. Still, since it is relatively unknown, the perception of it is that this technology has been created to serve only the cryptocurrencies, let’s mention the Bitcoin. The Lithuania Tribune spoke with Tomer Sofinzon, the founder of the Pillar Project and member of the 2030 project, about the technology and how Blockchain is going to change our lives. […]

Literatūra ir Menas

Lithuanian cultural weekly runs blank pages to protest funding cuts

Literatūra ir Menas, a Lithuanian weekly cultural magazine, published a blank edition on Friday in protest against decreased state funding for the cultural press. […]


Lithuanian media freer than Latvia’s and Poland’s, less free than Estonia’s – Freedom House

A new media freedom ranking by Freedom House puts Lithuania ahead of Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Poland, but behind Estonia. […]