Vladimir Solovyov

Russian language station investigated for breaches of Lithuanian broadcasting laws

The Russian language RTR Planeta television programme, Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, that is broadcast in Lithuania is being probed by Lithuanian authorities for breaking broadcasting laws. […]


Russian propaganda creates ‘parallel reality’ for Lithuania’s ethnic minorities

The State Security Department (VSD) of Lithuania, which is in charge of monitoring and dealing with national security threats, presented a report this week, outlining methods used by Russia to fund pro-Kremlin and anti-Western propaganda in Lithuania. […]

No Picture

Kremlin’s millions: How Russia funds NGOs in Baltics

With one hand, Kremlin strangles non-governmental organizations in Russia. With another, it generously supports the defenders of its interests in the Baltics. […]


Mediafon establishes holding company

Mediafon, Telecommunications and IT Company, operating in 4 continents with strong presence in the Baltics, establishes holding company to further boost profits, Arūnas Babrauskas, the CEO at Mediafon and Member of the Board said Thursday. […]