Juozas Olekas

Defence minister faces interpellation over army utensils scandal

Lithuania’s opposition Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (conservatives) plan to launch interpellation procedure against Defence Minister Juozas Olekas, a social democrat, over suspected fraud in the army’s public procurement contracts. […]

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Lithuanians’ salt intake ‘twice the norm’

Lithuanians consume much more salt than is the recommended norm, dietary specialists say. It is recommended to consume no more than 5 grams of salt a day. Specialists from the National Food and Veterinary Risk […]

Norwegian sheep

An ode to linen led to Norwegian sheep

If you ask a Lithuanian what he or she is proud of, you will hear plenty of praises to dark bread, basketball, wonderful forests and hard-working people who still cherish ancient traditions and are able to create fashionable garments from linen. Nevertheless, few fellow-countrymen know that skilful weavers are on the verge of extinction, even though not so long ago, in the XIX–XX centuries, practically every woman in a village knew how to weave fabrics, and the most ingenious of weavers would come up with intricate patterns and successfully sold or bartered their creations for other goods. […]

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Syrian refugee disappointed in Lithuanian landlords

Radwan is a journalist from Syria who moved to Vilnius from a refugee centre a few weeks ago. While he has already successfully found employment at Western Union, many potential landlords shut their doors upon seeing Radwan, with even some Facebook groups dedicated to looking for housing removing him. […]