Foreign affairs

Conflict between Athens and Fanar: another threat to Orthodox unity

“We love the Patriarch and the Patriarchate, we respect it. But we should emphasize that we love the Church and our country more than all”. This very recent holy statement of Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos, after the cancellation of the two leaders’ meeting in the Greek capital, reflects the new “cold war” between the two main ecclesiastical poles of the Hellenic Orthodoxy – the autocephalous Church of Greece and the ecumenical Fanar. […]

Norwegian sheep

An ode to linen led to Norwegian sheep

If you ask a Lithuanian what he or she is proud of, you will hear plenty of praises to dark bread, basketball, wonderful forests and hard-working people who still cherish ancient traditions and are able to create fashionable garments from linen. Nevertheless, few fellow-countrymen know that skilful weavers are on the verge of extinction, even though not so long ago, in the XIX–XX centuries, practically every woman in a village knew how to weave fabrics, and the most ingenious of weavers would come up with intricate patterns and successfully sold or bartered their creations for other goods. […]