Lithuanian companies produce parts for automobile industry giants

Some fifty Lithuanian businesses produce spare parts, components or even entire vehicles for global automobile industry giants.

While the quantity supplied by Lithuanian companies is significantly smaller than, say, the Chinese, specialists highlight that Lithuanian makers can compete with quality and proximity.

The annual income of Lithuanian companies producing for global automobile giants has recently passed €400 million. While many companies enjoy advantages in their quality products or appealing price point, the competition is exceedingly intense, particularly with companies in the Asia, China being a notable example.

Almost every region of Lithuania has at least one company working with major corporations such as BMW, General Motors, Audi, Volkswagen, Kamaz or Gaz. Discussing the sector, Enterprise Lithuania cluster development coordinator Darius Lasionis pointed out that “The spectrum is very wide. Everything is being produced – stamped parts, wiring, electronics, various components, filters and starters. Some fifty companies are generating returns of over €400 million.”

He paints an optimistic future for the sector in Lithuania, stating that “truthfully, Lithuania is in a very beneficial situation. I could even say perhaps the whole Baltic region. Particularly because more and more Western companies are looking to find suppliers and producers closer to home. Also because labour is becoming more and more expensive in China.”


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