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Opinion: Foreign students could substantially strengthen Lithuania‘s universities and colleges

Journalists and education experts criticise the trends in Lithuania‘s institutions of higher education, which in turn criticise journalists and experts who talk about the bad aspects only, but never see the good ones. […]

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Lithuania’s IT sector among best-reputed in Europe

Lithuania‘s Information Technology sector has one of the best reputations in Europe. Currently, Lithuania‘s IT sector reputation index is 67 points, while the EU average is 56 points, reports. […]

Vytenis Andriukaitis
European Union

EU Commissioner Andriukaitis: Selection among refugees for resettlement is immoral

EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis has slammed discussions in Lithuania about selection criteria for refugee resettlement. According to Andriukaitis, who was Lithuania’s healthcare minister before taking the job with the EU Commission, said that selections among people in the face of the current humanitarian crisis would be immoral and go against everything Europe holds as principles. […]


What keeps Lithuanians from embracing entrepreneurship

Lithuanians would like to develop their own businesses, but many are afraid or simply do not have an idea for one, SEB Bank has concluded after carrying out a survey in the Baltic states. About one in ten Lithuanians have a business, whereas in Latvia and Estonia the share is twice as big. Many say they do not know enough about how to start a business. […]