Lithuanian PM hints at ‘communication campaigns’ on refugees

According to the prime minister, shortage of information for the public to promote a good-natured attitude might allow “certain powers” to make use of the situation and try to turn the society against accepting refugees.

“People need to understand what’s going on in Europe and the world and why migration to EU member stated has increased so much. Without communication, without certain programs and explanation to the public, we certainly might see certain powers intentionally use the situation and turn the public against [refugees],” Butkevičius told the Žinių Radijas news radio on Thursday morning.


“I am inviting journalists to work in this sphere, but of course, first of all, the government should prepare communication campaigns and spread information through various media outlets,” Butkevičius said.

“The government has to explain to the public why this problem arose and why we, all EU member states, have to contribute (…). The public has to understand and look at it in a good-natured way,” he said.


Strategic communication issues should be put on the EU agenda, the Lithuanian prime minister believes.

Lithuania has agreed to take in 1,105 refugees from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea over the next two years, making its contribution to the EU effort to tackle the migration crisis.

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