Protests in Minsk

Belarusian civil society in Lithuania: how really welcome are we?

Over the last several years, more and more Belarusian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have been relocating to Lithuania after it became too difficult or, in some cases, even impossible for them to operate in their […]

Laurynas Kasčiūnas

L. Kasčiūnas: How many migrants shall Lithuania take in this time?

The deadline established two years ago for EU Member States to take in a fixed number of refugees has expired. Further ways of tackling the problem are currently under debate. In order to shape the […]


Lithuania earmarks EUR 20,000 for Palestinian refugees

Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry has earmarked 20,000 euros in humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees. […]

Flag of the Republic of Turkey

The EU-Turkey Refugee Agreement must be brought to an end!

In March 2016, Ms. Merkel and Mr. Erdogan reached an agreement on refugees, which would eventually involve all of Europe. Countless refugees, namely Syrians, were trying to reach Europe and in particular Germany, where public opinion slowly started to show signs of opposition to their reception. […]