Lviv is a city that welcomes, protects and defends Ukrainians

Lviv railway station. Photo Olga Melko

For almost a month now, the Ukrainian people have fought the Russian occupiers heroically. While fierce fighting continues across much of Ukraine, the western part of Ukraine has become a kind of protective fortress, hiding the war-ravaged Ukrainians behind its walls. The city of Lviv, the capital of West Ukraine, hosts the largest number of internally displaced persons.

According to the Lviv city council, more than 200,000 refugees have arrived in Lviv so far. Every day more and more people arrive here, fleeing from their homes and fleeing from the bullets of Russian soldiers into the unknown.

Humanitarian headquarters. Photo Olga Melko

So today, the streets of old Lviv are noisier than ever. Traffic jams are forming on the roads because of the great flow of cars. Among the crowds of these cars can be seen those that belong to international charities and non-governmental organizations such as the UN, the Red Cross, etc. There is also a lot of foreign press in the city. The number of pedestrians in the streets of Lviv is now greater than ever. You can see with the naked eye that most of these people are not tourists or locals but refugees.

Anti-tank barriers in the central part of the city. Photo Olga Melko

I have managed to speak to some of them. People told me stories of how they were forced to leave their homes, which they had cared for years, and travel with a minimum of belongings to the unknown. Fortunately, Lviv welcomed them hospitably. Here they found their “corner of peace”. Nevertheless, many of the refugees did not hide the fact that they were planning to leave Ukraine in the near future. After all, the situation in the country is uncertain.

Centre of Lviv. Photo Olga Melko

The locals are also worried about their safety. And there are reasons to be concerned. After all, the enemy has launched an air raid on the Yavoriv firing range and the aircraft repair plant. Moreover, every day sirens are sounded in the town warning of a new possible threat of shelling. And yet, for now, most of Lviv’s population is in no hurry to leave their homes.

And they are understandable. After all, Lviv has survived numerous invasions throughout its existence. So it will survive these challenging times. And the Russian warship will follow the known direction! Because we Ukrainians are free people!

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