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The coronavirus has brought in a great deal of uncertainty into most aspects of everyday life and particularly in specific business segments. The ones to suffer most are businesses, which are closely related to interactions between people – catering service companies, entertainment, beauty industry representatives, dentists, travel agencies and other businesses.

Despite having to spend their days at home, following a continuous stream of news about the virus’ proliferation, small and medium-sized businesses, people performing individual business activity can nonetheless seek creative ways to help their business and not lose clients. They can even take new operations online, where people currently spend most of their time.

The advertising technology company has announced an opportunity for small and medium business representatives to purchase advertising under especially favourable conditions on a wide-spanning advertising network. In Lithuania, the Setupad advertising network includes the large internet portals, niche websites and also covers many regions and municipalities via local news media outlets.

“We decided to grant an opportunity for entrepreneurs not to lose their connection to clients and remind of themselves, reach potential clients both across Lithuania and in select cities, regions or simply within select sites’ advertising spaces, which we manage through our network. In certain cases, during quarantine, businesses can simply consult clients, with whom they could work live once the quarantine is lifted.

Perhaps issue them discount coupons, find other ways to present their services. Either way, we will consult clients and will advise as to what message, namely their business should communicate,” Povilas Goberis, Setupad co-founder says. “We are even prepared to perform simple design work for clients, who do not have any advertising material, free of charge. Furthermore, in a sense, this is a social project – instead of supporting foreign advertising platform, better support local news media, which is currently also greatly suffering,” Mr Goberis added

The Lithuania Tribune ( can also be reached through the Setupad advertising network; thus you can purchase advertising on our website either directly or through Setupad.

You can find more information about the Setupad offer on the website

Contact for inquiries:, +370 609 88386

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