“We are from Ukraine!”: a special edition of the national newspaper was published

Newspaper: We are from Ukraine

How the war against the Russian occupiers united Ukrainians? How the whole world supports Ukraine, and who helps the most Ukrainian refugees? How do people of creative professions become military or unite in volunteer centres? – find this and other topics – in a special newspaper, “We are from Ukraine!”, which was prepared by the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine together with the Lithuanian Union of Journalists.

The authors of the unique journalism project are journalists from Vilnius, Klaipėda and various cities in Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine is reminiscent of January 1991, when the same Kremlin, then called the Soviet, tried to drown out the voice of Lithuania, which declared itself free,” Lithuanian journalist Domas Šniukas wrote in the article. “Moscow did not want to give freedom to Lithuania 32 years ago, as it does now – to Ukraine. They sent an army when political demagoguery, threats, and propaganda didn’t help. “

In addition, Lithuanian colleagues talk in their publications about the great support that a friendly country provides to our compatriots. Lithuanians unite and help Ukrainian families with children and gather humanitarian aid. “The morning begins with a prayer for Ukraine, the day ends with a prayer for Ukraine,” wrote journalist Yurate Mazhayeva.

In the materials of Ukrainian media from different parts of the country, there is information on how Ukrainian media workers are taking up arms to defend their cities and how people in different cities are uniting in volunteer centres.

Kharkiv journalists, two young mothers who had had to hide in the underground from the bombardments from the first days, managed to coordinate bloggers, journalists, and volunteers in a couple of hours, so that each of them was in the fight at their front – publish reliable information, fight against fakes or collect humanitarian aid.

Support for Ukrainian journalists

In Zaporizhia, an activist and a showman opened a volunteer centre “Palyanytsia”, which raises money for military equipment. This centre has already provided defenders with several hundreds of bulletproof vests. Designers and musicians sew sleeping bags in Ivano-Frankivsk. In the Kirovohrad region, journalists weave nets and cook for the army…

And it is about this strength of unity – you can find on the pages of the newspaper “We are from Ukraine!”. Its name is not accidental. The phrase, which was first told in the video to citizens by the Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration Vitaly Kim – has already become symbolic. This phrase is used instead of a greeting. The T-shirts, cups, and even passport covers have already been issued with this phrase. And Vitaly Kim himself became a “superstar of the terrible war”, as some media mentioned. Publications about him also appeared in the newspapers. As well as about another author of the legendary phrase “Russian warship, go…”, Roman Gribov, a Ukrainian border guard.

Readers of the newspaper also will know how to apply for financial assistance for internally displaced persons, how to behave when there is no cell connection in the city, what to do in case of shelling, and how to help yourself in case of illness. When there is no doctor…

This newspaper is a present to Ukrainian readers from our Lithuanian colleagues, says Sergiy Tomilenko, the President of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

“We are grateful for the initiative to the President of the Lithuanian Union of Journalists, Dainius Radzevičius and the editor from Klaipeda Jolanta Beniušytė. Our joint newspaper is direct proof of an effective journalistic fraternity. – adds Sergiy Tomilenko. – This newspaper is about the strength of spirit of Ukrainians, about how the world supports us, and, of course, about our Victory!”

The Association of Media Ethics of Lithuania provided financial support, thanks to which Ukrainians in various regions will get a newspaper for free.

“All the details of people’s lives are important in journalism. But the most important thing is to understand that human life and freedom are the main objects of journalism. That is why we are together with our colleagues from Ukraine. After all, they stand for the lives of free people of their country and the whole world”, said Dainius Radzevičius, the President of the Lithuanian Union of Journalists.

The special issue of the newspaper “We are from Ukraine!” has a circulation of 80,000 copies. It is distributed through regional branches of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine in all regions, through volunteer organisations.

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