A happy couple

The Best Gift Ideas For Her Want In 2021

When it comes to purchasing gifts for the special lady in your life you are faced with a mountain of options and sometimes, you’re not entirely sure where to start. The thing about gifts, is […]


Covid-19. April 27

Reluctance to test may make it difficult to return to school not only before the end of the year but also in the fall – said the minister of healthcare. In Arūnas Dulkys’ opinion, we […]

Jonas Noreika - General Vėtra

V. Sinica. Lithuania doesn`t glorify Nazis and Noreika wasn`t one (a response to Silvia Foti)

Silvia Foti is a granddaughter of the anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet resistance member Jonas Noreika, participant of the June Uprising in 1941, imprisoned by Nazis in Stutthof in 1943, returned to Lithuania to organise new resistance […]


Covid-19. April 23

Sodra has joined the government’s initiative to promote vaccination among the elderly. The Sodra Information Centre is calling over 112,000 people from all over Lithuania who have not been vaccinated so far and invites them […]


Covid-19. April 21

The double-mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has arrived in Europe. The mutation was discovered in samples taken in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Indian specialists are checking whether it may be more infectious or less […]


Covid-19. April 20

Over the past day, 1,138 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed. Nine deaths were diagnosed. In the last two weeks, out of 100,000 inhabitants, the incidence is 517.6. The percentage of positive diagnostic […]