Discover the biggest football stadiums in Spain

Stadiums are essential for football, as they are the stage for matches. The place where players show all their skills and fans come together to shout, sing and support their team at all times. In […]


Reviving an abandoned former aviation factory in Kaunas to new life – science and business innovations to be created here

The abandoned former aviation factory hangar between Kaunas’ Europe Avenue and Lakūnai Motorway will change beyond recognition. The first building for a newly forming innovation park will be built here, adapted to the needs of […]

Slot Machines. John Schnobrich. Unsplash

Things You Need To Know Before Gambling Online

Whether or not you are the conventional gambler who was forced to switch to online gambling (because of Covid, obviously) or you never tried any kind of gambling previously, before beginning gambling online there is […]


Covid-19. April 23

Sodra has joined the government’s initiative to promote vaccination among the elderly. The Sodra Information Centre is calling over 112,000 people from all over Lithuania who have not been vaccinated so far and invites them […]


Covid-19. April 21

The double-mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has arrived in Europe. The mutation was discovered in samples taken in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Indian specialists are checking whether it may be more infectious or less […]


Experts: NATO forces could be bogged down in Suwalki Gap in case of a Russian assault

Filing complex customs forms, weak bridges, flaws in railway infrastructure: if NATO had to quickly shift its military into the Baltic States during a conflict, the alliance could face severe difficulties passing the so-called Suwalki […]