MEP A. Kubilius: Instability is becoming new trait of the Eastern Partnership region

MEP Kubilius at the Neighbourhood East Forum

Member of the European Parliament and chairman of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly Andrius Kubilius stated on Tuesday during his opening speech for PA’s 9th plenary session that the Eastern Partnership region requires immediate attention and clearer EU leadership in this neighbouring region.

“Instability is becoming a new trait of the Eastern Partnership region. We see numerous important changes here, and they aren’t always easy to deal with positively. For example, changes related to democracy in Belarus, security challenges in Ukraine with the Kremlin massing its forces on its borders, challenges to the maturity of democracy in Georgia and the presidential elections in Moldova, which Maia Sandu won. And the tragic armed conflict between the Armenia and Azerbaijan as well,” MEP A. Kubilius noted.

EPP Lithuanian office
EPP Lithuanian Office

According to the MEP, there are also challenges related to changes in Russia, which will also impact the Eastern Partnership region.

The Euronest PA Bureau has agreed to include recommendations on these questions in the Eastern Partnership summit meeting, which is due for autumn this year.


The MEP also praised European Council President Charles Michel’s efforts to mediate the negotiations between the Georgian government and opposition, noting that even more strong leadership is needed.

Those in attendance were also addressed by the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi, Belarus’ president-elect S. Tsikhanouskaya, and other representatives of Euronest partner states. Euronest PA participants will vote on resolutions related to political questions, economic integration, energy safety, and social issues in this plenary session.

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