Central/Eastern Europe

1000 Belgian military trucks for Ukraine

It makes for quite a list. 15 March: Mateusz Morawiecki and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Polish prime minister and deputy prime minister; Petr Fiala and Janez Jansa, Czech and Slovenian prime ministers. 1 April: Ingrida Šimonytė, prime […]

Central/Eastern Europe

A. Kubilius: “would you like to have a power plant built by Lukashenko and Rosatom barely 30 km away from the European Parliament building?”

Last week, when the EP members expressed their concern regarding the started operation of the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant and demanded that it did not commence any commercial activity until all EU safety recommendations are […]

European Union

MEP Kubilius: European Parliament has adopted the main provisions proposed by us regarding the future East Partnership strategy and the EU Russia strategy

The European Parliament (EP) adopted an important report on the implementation of the common foreign and security policy. It defined the main EU provisions in respect of this policy and its future directions, the Lithuanian […]

Flag of Hungary

Hungarian lessons for Lithuania and Europe

There is a good old English term illiberal democracy that does not have a precise translation into Lithuanian. It defines the regimes that come to power through democratic means, but their representatives apparently aim at the never-ending reign trampling on the fundamental European values of democracy, freedom of speech, and the rule of law. Let us call them anti-democrats, and let me share some insights about them. […]