Central/Eastern Europe

Andrius Kubilius. Sanctions until the last occupier leaves

Putin is losing the war he started against Ukraine. But he doesn’t seem to realise it yet. He is losing on the battlefield in Ukraine against a heroic Ukrainian army. He is losing in Russia’s […]

European Parliament

How to protect the future of democracy? 10 action points

On 9-10 December 2021, the international community of world democracies will discuss the future of democracy at the special Summit of Democracies convened for this occasion by U.S. President Biden. This article uses the opportunity […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Kubilius. Astravyets – why do the Latvians need to import electrical power from Russia?

It has been announced that on November 7, Lukashenko will officially open Astravyets Nuclear power Plant. Of course, such news is cause for grave concern because Belarus’ own energy experts report that the Belarussian electrical […]

The European Parliament
European Union

MEPs expressed support for Poland seeking to defend the real European and World War II history

On 15 January, the European Parliament members of the European People‘s Party group, Andrius Kubilius and Rasa Juknevičienė participated in the press conference “Distortion of European history and remembrance of the Second World War” in […]