Central/Eastern Europe

How to overcome “Russian” psychological complexes

Former Lithuanian prime-minister Andrius Kubilius, MEP and Standing Rapporteur on Russia, has started the year with the publication of a very detailed article about what he calls “’Russian’ psychological complexes”. He says that Europeans and […]

Central/Eastern Europe

NATO and Ukraine

Last week, a number of important geopolitical developments took place: Putin finally revealed that he was in total desperation and rushed to announce that he was annexing not only the occupied but also unoccupied, and […]

European Union

With the Conference on the Future of Europe, Europeans chose a new path: a stronger, more democratic and ready-to-act Europe

The last decade has shown that we cannot continue moving from one crisis to another. Europe must prevent crises rather than react to them. We know that Putin, China and the world are not waiting […]

Central/Eastern Europe

MEP Kubilius. Can Ukraine join the European Union this year?

Ukraine is fighting a brutal war. A war started by a madman who is scared that Ukraine, having chosen and defended its European integration course back on the Maidan in 2014, can become a successful, […]