Journalism is not propaganda. Russian Union of Journalists must be expelled from International Federation of Journalists

Journalism is not propaganda

We appeal to the Russian media – stop the propaganda! Stop fake news broadcasting. Stop newspapers printing. Stop news feeds. Boycott military propaganda. Stop the war!

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, on behalf of Ukrainian journalists and citizens of Ukraine, declares:

We unequivocally condemn the activities of Russian media, which cover up and justify the war against Ukraine and deliberately mislead Russian citizens. They are silent about the widespread deaths of Russian soldiers in Ukraine, who were forced to die by threats and manipulations.

With rare exceptions, Russian TV, radio, online and print media allege that:

  • Russia is not waging a war against Ukraine, but rather is conducting an anti-terrorist campaign to free Russian-speaking people;
  • Russia attacks only military facilities in Ukraine, but does not attack civilians in any way;
  • Russian troops do not suffer losses;
  • Ukrainian troops surrender and do not resist.

This is propaganda and misinformation. And Ukraine is ALREADY providing evidence that each of these points is a lie.

Only a few Russian media and journalists try to highlight Russia’s war against Ukraine according to professional standards.

Most of the Russian media deliberately distort information about the war of Russian against Ukraine. Thus, they commit shameful crime against their own people and provoke more and more senseless deaths. This is contrary to journalistic ethics, universal and Christian values.

The state media of Russia, first of all, Channel One and RT, were especially “successful” in this field, which surpassed the fascist propaganda machine of Joseph Goebbels with their activities. The deaths of Russian soldiers in Ukraine and civilians of independent Ukraine are on the conscience of Kremlin Goebbels. Vladimir Solovyov, Dmitriy Kiselev, Olga Skabeeva and others are not journalists, but propagandists unworthy of a handshake.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, on behalf of Ukrainian journalists, appeals to governments around the world with a demand to immediately revoke the license to broadcast Russian propaganda channels. Their broadcasting in civilized countries should be banned for spreading lies, slander and hatred.

The National Journalist of Ukraine condemns the policy of the Russian Union of Journalists. After the imposition of personal sanctions over one of Putin’s main Russian propagandists, Vladimir Solovyov, the Russian Union of Journalists spoke into his support. This step shows that the RUJ has finally become the advocate of the Kremlin’s policy. We consider working for the authorities instead of caring for the interests of journalists as a clear sign of the decay of journalistic ethics in Russia.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, on behalf of Ukrainian journalists, appeals to international associations of journalists: given the statement of the Union of Journalists of Russia, in conditions when they act as the defender of one of the main mouthpieces of lies, slander and hatred (Vladimir Solovyov), Ukrainian journalists demand to exclude the Union of Journalists of Russia from the International Federation of Journalists. Propagandists have no place among professional journalists.

The Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, an active member of the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists, supports this statement and the demand to exclude the Union of Journalists of Russia from the IFJ. Russian media – stop the flow of military propaganda!

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