Lithuania to refuse services of honorary consul in Spain

A.Norkūnaitės nuotr.

“A note has been sent to the Spanish government, and after the facts are confirmed, we will definitely initiate a procedure to refuse the honorary consul’s services,” the Lithuanian diplomacy chief told BNS.

He noted that honorary consuls represent Lithuania without any remuneration on their free time, but nonetheless are required to be of immaculate reputation.

“If the reputation turns out to be not as immaculate, we cannot continue the cooperation. This is the logic,” said the minister.

According to a report in, Sumarroca, the CEO of Teyco construction company, was last week detained in Barcelona, followed by searches of his home and his company. Suspicions of corruption in the field of public administration were filed against the businessman who was suspected of bribery a year ago.

Sumarroca is believed to have paid then mayor of the city Toredembara a bribe of over 500,000 euros by transferring the money to his companies.

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