Putin rejects idea of international tribunal on MH17 crash

Vladimir Putin

“The Russian president confirmed that Moscow’s position on inexpediency of establishing an international tribunal remains unchanged,” the Kremlin press service said. “It was also stressed that many questions still remain to the investigation, including to collected evidence and to denying Russia access to significant part in the process [of the investigation]. The Russian side stressed readiness for close cooperation with the aim of finding causes and circumstances of this tragedy,” the press service added.

Putin also said that it is necessary to fully implement UN Security Council Resolution 2166 adopted on 21 July 2014 and put forward by Russia that calls for ensuring comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation of MH17 crash. “The sides exchanged opinions on experts’ work in the framework of preparing a new UN Security Council resolution on this matter,” the press service continued. “Putin noted that the draft resolution put forward by Russia is aimed at coordinating with the tasks outlined in Resolution 2166. Regret was expressed in connection with the fact that countries calling for establishing an international tribunal on Malaysia Airlines plane crash, did not support this compromise draft [resolution],” the Kremlin added.

UN Security Council will vote on the resolution on establishing an international tribunal for Flight MH17 crash in Ukraine in July 2014 on Wednesday. The draft resolution was proposed by Malaysia on behalf of five countries investigating the tragedy, including Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Ukraine.

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