European Union

With the Conference on the Future of Europe, Europeans chose a new path: a stronger, more democratic and ready-to-act Europe

The last decade has shown that we cannot continue moving from one crisis to another. Europe must prevent crises rather than react to them. We know that Putin, China and the world are not waiting […]

At the official opening of Nord Stream

R. Vilpišauskas. The problem of EU’s energy dependence on Russia

The new security crisis in Europe caused by Russia has drawn attention to the possible consequences of its escalation for the energy security of EU countries. If Russia resumes military aggression and the West responds […]


Russian troops could invade Ukraine at any time: Lithuania increased its military readiness

According to experts who closely monitor the Kremlin’s actions, Russian troops could invade Ukraine at any time. And Lithuania has recently seen an increase in the number of visits by foreign politicians, all of them […]

Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

What Happens to Belarus after Lukashenka Falls?

The current Belarusian transformation could be leading to results similar to those of the 2018 Velvet Revolution in Armenia rather than of the 2013-2014 Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Yet, the pathological relationship of Moscow’s […]