Situation on board of Lithuanian LJL’s ships stuck abroad getting worse

The repairs of the Voruta, which is anchored in the port of Aveiro, Portugal, had been suspended due to shortage of money and the ship had run out of food, the ship’s captain said, adding that the situation on board of the Raguva, which is stuck in the port of Dakar, Senegal, was also very bad.

“We’ve run out of food and are waiting for money to be transferred. The shipping company has notified that there is no money. We will have no more bread on Sunday… When there is no money, the repairs aren’t continued,” Saulius Maciukas told BNS.

He added later that the management of LJL had notified the ship that it would on Friday transfer 300 euros to buy food and water. According to the captain, the company promised to transfer a larger amount of money next week.

Maciukas said that he could not contact the crew of the Raguva in Dakar but guessed that the situation of that ship was very bad.

“The situation there should be tragic… I can’t imagine what is going on in Dakar. The ship is being racketeered there and anything may happen…,” he told BNS.

A ship stuck in a port cost approximately 3,000 euros per day to the company, he said, adding that this amount included food, water and fuel stocks, wages and port charges.

Oleg Semionov, captain of the Venta, told BNS that the ship had completed the unloading of part of its cargo in the US port of Philadelphia on Thursday but could not sail off to Canada as it was arrested.

BNS could not contact the Raguva or the Romuva, which is stuck in the port of Taranto, Italy, on Friday.

The government this week has decided to rescue LJL through an additional 3-million-euro loan, which would be used to set free the company’s ships. The company should get the money next week.

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